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The Initial Orthodontic Consultation

A CRITICAL STEP in any patient’s orthodontic treatment process is the initial consultation with the orthodontist. This is the meeting in which the orthodontist will assess the position of your teeth and begin planning how to move them into their correct position. A great way you can prepare for the initial consultation is by thinking about the questions you want to ask the orthodontist. Here are a few we recommend asking.

How Long Will My Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Each patient comes to us with their own specific orthodontic needs, and no two patients receive identical treatment. The orthodontist can give you an estimate on how long your treatment will take and can explain the factors influencing your timeline. The length and complexity of your treatment will also help determine the final cost.

How Will I Brush and Floss Around My Braces?

Those of us without braces often take brushing and flossing for granted, because it can be very simple to reach all of our teeth’s surfaces when there isn’t a lot of metal in the way. Braces make it harder to reach every surface while also providing oral bacteria many more nooks and crannies to hide and multiply in. Make sure to ask the orthodontist for tips on effective brushing and flossing with braces!

What Foods Are on the Banned Foods List?

You’ve probably already heard of the banned foods list for braces wearers. We have it for a good reason. Braces can make it difficult or impossible to eat certain types of food comfortably, and some foods actually risk breaking your braces if you eat them during your treatment. Don’t leave your consultation without knowing which foods to avoid while you have braces — and why!

What Should I Do if Something Breaks in My Braces?

An accident can happen to anyone, including an orthodontic patient. One of your brackets may break or come loose, an archwire could snap, or you could experience some other complication. Get advice from the orthodontist at the start about what to do in such a situation so that you’ll be prepared ahead of time.

What Different Treatment Options Are There?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in orthodontics. If you aren’t sure traditional braces are for you, ask the orthodontist about other options for your treatment. You might be a good candidate for clear aligners or another alternative orthodontic appliance.

What Can I Do to Help My Teeth Move on Schedule?

While your braces and the orthodontist will do the heavy lifting when it comes to moving your teeth into their proper positions, you can help too! The most important thing you can do to reach Braces-Off Day on time is to follow all of the orthodontist’s instructions as exactly as possible. That means not neglecting rubber bands, but it also means not going overboard with them!

Come See Us With All of Your Questions!

Having questions is no reason to avoid the orthodontist. It’s actually a great reason to schedule an appointment! We can’t wait to start working with you on reaching your straight smile goals. If you haven’t already scheduled your initial consultation, what’s stopping you?

We love giving our patients extra reasons to smile!

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