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Braces in Solana Beach | Smile Confidently

braces in solana beach

Braces in Solana Beach and Del Mar

FEELING SELF-CONSCIOUS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL for patients with brand-new braces in Solana Beach. You certainly look forward to straightening your crooked teeth but still may be self-conscious of their smiles and sharing a mouthful of metal with the world. This blog discusses how to overcome those under-confident feelings during orthodontic treatment.

Keep Your Braces Squeaky Clean!

Keeping your braces clean is the best thing you can do as part of your orthodontic treatment. After every meal, brush, and floss to reduce food particles and plaque that can stick to your enamel, brackets, and wires. Good oral hygiene improves oral health and makes it easier for others to be around you. There is absolutely no one who wants to talk with someone with food stuck to their wires! 


Dr. Maulik, your dentist in Solana Beach and Del Mar, recommends carrying a small bag of dental essentials like a toothbrush, floss, and a small tube of toothpaste. Include a small mirror to ensure you’re good to go at all times. When you know your teeth and brackets are squeaky clean and smell fresh, you can’t help but feel more confident.

Smile with Confidence

Unabashed confidence and a beautiful smile are the most attractive things ever. If you feel a little unsure about your braces, practice smiling in the mirror at home. Doing this will help you get used to seeing and feeling your new smile. In addition, people who smile a lot pass on the joy to others, which can boost your mood too. 


You are still the unique you. Wearing braces does not change the person you are, regardless of your age. Don’t let braces keep you from your life and the activities you love. Be yourself, and you’ll soon feel that way!

Your smile is critical in expressing yourself. Don’t wait for your orthodontic treatment to be over – smile confidently every day. Your friends and family will look past the braces and see your smile shining through.

Express Yourself

Traditional metal braces don’t have to be boring. You can choose from a rainbow of elastic band colors to make a fashion statement. Celebrate the holidays with festive tones. Wear your favorite team colors to show your support. Wear green for St. Patrick’s Day, or choose the perfect shade that brings out the color of your eyes. 


Go big and bold with a rainbow effect; try a monochromatic vibe or a “just because” color combo. Showcase your style with each adjustment! For adult patients, maybe a pop of color doesn’t seem professional. In that case, try clear braces made of tooth-colored ceramic material and blend in while they straighten your teeth. 

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Focus on the future, knowing that you are getting closer to having straight teeth and the healthy smile of your dreams. This short period spent wearing braces will be worth it in the long run. 

Choose Beach Orthodontics for Your Braces in Solana Beach and Del Mar, California

Beach Orthodontics offers many types of braces in Solana Beach and Del Mar, CA. You can choose traditional metal braces, self-ligating, ceramic braces, virtually invisible plastic aligners, or lingual braces.


If you are ready to straighten your teeth, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at our dental office in Del Mar to learn more about all the types of appliances available. We can’t wait to meet you.

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