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5 Stages of Braces | Orthodontist in Solana Beach

Orthodontist in Solana Beach

Orthodontist in Solana Beach

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent way to straighten crooked or crowded teeth. Getting your teeth straightened with braces from an orthodontist in Solana Beach, California, can help you achieve your dream smile. If you’re considering orthodontics as an option, knowing the basic steps involved in the process is essential. Here’s a breakdown of the five stages of wearing braces that you can expect.

Stage #1: The Consultation 

At the initial appointment with your orthodontist in Solana Beach, they will examine your teeth, jaws, and bite. The meeting typically lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. The orthodontist will take digital impressions of your teeth and discuss your concerns, along with available solutions and alternatives, like stainless steel which are traditional braces or ceramic braces. 

They will also show you before and after pics of previous patients with similar orthodontic needs. This stage is also an opportunity to discuss different types of braces and orthodontic treatments, such as tooth-colored, traditional, lingual braces, or aligners, along with the fees and insurance benefits.

Stage #2: Bonding/Banding 

The second stage is when the braces are attached to your teeth. To create gaps, the orthodontist may place orthodontic spacers between teeth a week or two beforehand. Next, the orthodontist removes the spacers and fits and cements the brackets to your teeth. 

The wires are then fabricated, tied, and colored elastics are chosen that hold the wire in the bracket’s slot. This stage takes some time, but it’s not painful. Afterward, you will receive care instructions and a list of foods to avoid.

Stage #3: Regular Adjustments Stage 

Routine appointments are scheduled every 4-7 weeks to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments and wire modifications. During these appointments, the braces are tightened, colored rubber bands are changed, and broken brackets are replaced.

Stage #4: Debanding Stage  

The debanding appointment is when your braces are removed and your teeth are polished. You’ll finally see your amazing new smile without all the hardware blocking your view! The orthodontist then takes an impression of your teeth for the final removable retainers.

Stage #5: Retainer Stage 

The orthodontist makes a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position. Why do all the work to let your teeth shift back into their previous positions? You must wear your retainer 24/7 except when eating or drinking anything other than water. It’s crucial to wear your retainer as directed to avoid undergoing the orthodontic process again!

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If you’re considering orthodontic treatment in Solana Beach or Del Mar, Beach Orthodontics are oral care experts. We specialize in moving crooked teeth in children, teens, and adults and correcting bad bites to give you the most beautiful straight smile. We’re with you at every stage of the treatment plan. Call your orthodontist in Solana Beach today to learn more about each treatment option available for the future of your oral health and your beautiful smile.

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